What is Rotary Wine Club?
A Brief Overview

Rotary Wine Club is a unique experience in the enjoyment of wine.  Whether you are new to wine or are a connoisseur, we cater to your interests in wine with a vast collection from around the world.  Meanwhile, you are helping to support Rotary through your membership.  A portion of each membership and wine sale is donated to Rotary International and individual Rotary clubs to help them further their worthy causes.

Whether you are a Rotarian or simply a wine-loving individual, Rotary Wine Club is your gayeway to excellent wines from around the world.  We believe that you can enjoy a passion, such as wine, while helping local and broader communities.  Rotary Wine Club was established to fulfill this belief.

By leveraging the breadth and depth of Rotary International’s positive reach in communities across the country, together, we can turn the simple enjoyment of wine into a powerful fundraising tool.

What exactly is included with each wine club shipment?

Every shipment contains standard size wine bottles (750ml), and our monthly newsletter, Cellar Notes, which describes the wines, the regions they are from, other wine related information and club specials.


What is the total cost?

$19.95 to 149.95 per month depends on club type. Prices include Shipping & Handling. to a business address.  Shipping to a residential address is just $4 more per shipment.


Is there a minimum length to sign up for?

No. Unlike other clubs, there are no monthly minimums.


When will the first package ship?

Generally, orders are sent out around the 20th of any particular month. Orders placed after the 20th will be shipped right away if that month is selected.

Does someone have to be present to receive the monthly shipment?

Yes. An adult signature is required to receive our shipments. It is always a good idea to ship to an address where someone can receive it because this ensures of having to go and pick up the shipment at the carrier's local center. Business addresses are highly recommended and most cost effective.

Our shipment is in a plain brown box that does not disclose the contents. This is a perishable item not insured by our carriers. In the event of very cold temperatures we might have to delay shipment.

Can you ship wines to my state, if not, why, and are there other clubs that will?

Currently we are unable to ship wines to the following states: AK, HI, MA, ME, NH, TX, UT, This list is subject to change without notice.

After Prohibition, alcohol laws became the responsibility of each individual state. This is why there are so many discrepancies between clubs. There are certain states that other clubs can ship to that we cannot; you'll have to check around for we do not want to 'speak' for them.


If I order, can I have it shipped somewhere else?

Yes. The only limitation is if we can deliver wines to that state. Please see above.


How do I cancel a membership?

Send us an email: [email protected]  or call 1.855.ROTARY.WINE  with your order number. ALL CANCELATIONS MUST BE BY THE 7th OF THE MONTH if you want the cancellation to take place for that month. If you do not have your order number, just include the name and address of where it is being shipped to.


How do I change an address?

Send us an email: [email protected] with the old address along with the new name and address as well as when the change should take place.


If you have any further questions about our clubs, please contact us at:
[email protected]